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While landscaping maintenance can be done by almost anyone, working with a professional landscaper on a regular basis is essential for the perpetual health and proper look of your lawn. Our team at Erwin Gardens Care will carefully study your yard’s needs to determine the ideal way to maintain your place. We’re ready to give you regular maintenance and carefully planned solutions to keep your landscaping in top shape at all times. Below are 3 of the reasons you should call us for help in San Rafael, CA!

Effective Landscaping Maintenance Service San Rafael CA

Keeps the landscape safe

The cost of landscaping maintenance can add up quickly, especially when you need the assistance of experts. But it will be worth it. A professional landscaper provides cost-effective maintenance plans with options that will keep your land safe and clean. We can help you with the right maintenance treatment for all the landscape features in your yard, including your pathways and sidewalks. We can provide you with surefire ways to remove stubborn weeds and pests that pose a health risk and make your yard unsafe for your children and pets. Our team of experts will give you regular and detailed updates on the state of your property. The very good thing about it all? We offer cheap rates for our quality services!

Assures you of great results

If you don’t have the necessary time to maintain the landscaping on your residential or commercial property, you must trust our team! We work with regular maintenance programs that will help your lawn stay healthy and strong. We can mow the grass and make sure it is the right length and height without getting rid of the natural look. Our team will prune, trim, and shape your shrubs and hedges. We’ll help eliminate pesky weeds and pests. We’ll water your plants and adjust the soil moisture. Our skilled professionals will also use mulch in the beds and borders so they will be protected from extreme heat or cold. You can always count on our team at Erwin Gardens Care to help you with your landscaping maintenance requirements.

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