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Different Types of Tropical Fruit Trees in Landscaping

Easy Access Tropical Fruits in Your Yard

Consider adding small tropical fruit trees if you want to give your garden more color and flavor. These trees provide a wide variety of fruits that will tantalize your palate and give you a good supply of nutrients. With so many options, there is something for every landscaping contractor. Some of the tropical trees you can plant in your yard that is great for the summer are listed below.


The jackfruit holds the distinction of being the biggest fruit a tree can bear. There are 55 kg of fruit in each basket (120 pounds). Even better for the homesteader, mature trees will provide an average of 200 fruits annually, making them an investment that pays off. The flavor of ripe jackfruit is sweet and faintly reminiscent of banana. When unripe, the fruits have a moderate flavor and meaty texture.


The papaya tree has softer bark and the same appearance as a palm tree. The anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory qualities of the papaya fruit make it a great choice for people with chronic illnesses or recent infections. The fact that it is rich in carotenoids, a powerful skin anti-aging agent, is another reason why women adore it. The fruit’s deep orange color is quite alluring. Because of its bittersweet flavor, which makes it a desirable fruit for those without a sweet tooth, it is quite special and cool.


Guavas are distinctive trees that are grown for shade in cities and fields used for cattle grazing alongside mangoes. Their fruits taste similar to kiwis and have red meat and yellow skin. Due to their high pectin content, they make a great choice for jam and preserve manufacturing in addition to being deliciously eaten raw.

Caimito or Star Apple

The caimito fruit is as big as a tiny apple, as its name suggests. Although green and red fruits are also present, purple fruits are the most common type in the Americas. A caimito’s skin cannot be bit into, unlike an apple. If you do, a foul, sticky latex substance will be present. The pulp surrounding the seeds is what makes it appetizing.

With these types of tropical trees, you can eat and access these fruits easily in your yard in San Rafael, CA. Through Erwin Gardens Care, we can help you maintain and take good care of your tropical trees with our landscaping services. Contact us at (415) 233-2451 today!